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Charlie Hagenmayer aka Charlie Dodge Tuner Head Wrench Crew Chief... Walter Ungerer - Charlie Dodge Hagenmayer 31.01.2016 10:18:45

Certificate of Performance. National. Class Record. Authorized by . NATIONAL HOT ROD ASSOCIATION. AA ALTERED. 154.9 MPH. Atco New Jersey. June 16 1963 ... NHRA Certificate of Performance - June 16 1963 31.01.2016 10:18:45

Charlie and his need for piece and quiet... Charlie and the 1 Rule Don t mess with my sleep Backfire 1 . When we first started weekending at ... Rule 1 - Charlie Dodge Hagenmayer 31.01.2016 10:18:45

December 1966 right before Christmas Al and his wife Lynne attended a Cotillion at the Garden City Hotel. White tie and tails for Al a white ... Cotillion Knight mare - Charlie Dodge Hagenmayer 31.01.2016 10:18:45

Please Note I realize these images take a while to load... but the image quality is perfect. You can click on any picture and see a larger ... The New Taz is here 31.01.2016 10:18:45

The activities at Pacers normally drew a crowd. On this particular evening along with the men was another distinctive onlooker. There s an animal in the shop - Charlie Dodge Hagenmayer 31.01.2016 10:18:45

In 2006 - almost 4 years after my fathers death-Jerry Joaquin began a project... which I hope you have all had the pleasure of seeing... the Taz ... The Taz II - Jerry Joaquin 31.01.2016 10:18:45